General / Facts

Dutch pork has a good reputation both at home and abroad because it offers both a consistent quality of supply and an attractive price. Internationally, Dutch pork producers are also at the forefront in animal welfare, animal health, sustainability, safety and traceability.

As far back as 2002, the Netherlands already had laws to ensure that pigs were housed well. In addition, businesses have their own quality systems with additional criteria governing pig rearing and pork production. In this way, the Netherlands has built up a lead in the modern, quality-orientated and sustainable production of pork.

Dutch pork producers are innovative and work closely with other links in the supply chain, such as pig farmers, veterinarians, feed producers, transporters and retailers. The Netherlands was also the first country to work wholly in accordance with an integrated supply chain quality system, known as the IKB. This system is still unique and involves checks and requirements on all parties in the chain. 

The Dutch pork sector aims to supply customers at home and abroad as efficiently and sustainably as possible with a good supply of high-quality pork at an attractive price. In so doing, it can answer the growing need in the world for nutritious and responsibly produced pork.