Good pig feed is the basis for healthy pigs. In each phase of life, a Dutch pig is given the feed that meets its needs. A balanced diet is important for good, safe and tasty pork.

In the Netherlands, pig feed needs to meet strict demands. Just like human food, it needs to be not only nutritious, but also tasty and safe. The farmer, feed supplier and researchers work together to bring about an efficient feed policy. For the pigs, it is scientifically known what their needs are and what the balance should be between protein, energy, minerals, vitamins and other essential components.

Government and industry check that the pig feed meets the requirements. Many Dutch feed producers have the certificate for Good Manufacturing Practice International (GMP). This is a guarantee for a good minimum quality of the pig feed. GMP International is based on the ISO-9001 standard and meets the requirements of the HACCP quality assurance system. 

Practically all Dutch pig farmers use IKB, including the requirement to only give feed that has been GMP International certified. 

The Dutch animal feed sector consists of some 1800 companies with 9000 employees. The industry is highly regarded Internationally for its expertise, advanced technology, strict quality assurance, consistent quality and good infrastructure.